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Financial Fraud Investigation

Financial Fraud Investigation


Loan and Finances Investigation


DELHI DETECTIVE NETWORK INDIA - FREELANCER INVESTIGATOR Financial Fraud Investigation: We have received information in presenting a huge spectrum of offerings to our customers. We were tremendously favored for similar to well. Assets Search is one of all our huge offerings wherein we assist our customers in finding an asset of a selected character or an entity, reading their info, after which imparting appropriate remarks to the customers. This info in addition may additionally offer huge assistance withinside the recuperation of money owed in addition to for the duration of any shape of litigation support.


Our regions of information include:

Economic research

Disclosures evaluation and monetary reporting

Forensic due diligence

Forensic accounting

Insurance claims

Asset tracing

Court-associated investigations

Anti-corruption investigations

Cash waft evaluation

Expert and reality witness testimony

Purchase fee dispute evaluation

Reconstruction of monetary transactions

Tampered quantification

Data analytics and mining

Money laundering evaluation and remediation

Royalty and earnings participation audits

Trustee, receiver, and monitorship offerings


We at Delhi Detective Agency provide offerings to monetary establishments and lending corporations and assist them to get better the quantity with no hassle. We provide offerings for monetary fraud. We assist the monetary establishments and banks to hint the mortgage defaulter and make the enterprise privy to them. We have solved many monetary frauds instances and traced many mortgage defaulters who've absconded with the mortgage cash. We positioned all our efforts and assist the monetary establishments to get better the cash from the borrower. The case of mortgage evading is pretty better in India and it's far continually higher to lease our offerings in case you don’t need to emerge as the subsequent sufferer of such defaulters.


We are a main personal detective business enterprise and feature effectively solved numerous essential cash evading and mortgage instances, recuperation instances, and debt instances. We continually continue to be the pinnacle precedence of our customers due to the fact we provide custom-designed monetary research offerings. We are taken into consideration as a reputed detective business enterprise as a way as monetary and mortgage research provider is concerned. The statistics we collect are pretty useful for our customers and additionally, we assist them to get better the cash as quickly as viable without defying regulations and orders.